I am trying to set up some options using env in my gruntfile.js so that I can use NODE_ENV based if statements in my server.js file.

I have installed grunt-env using "npm grunt-env --save-dev" and included and env section in gruntfile.js:

    pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json'),
    env: {
        dev: {
            NODE_ENV : 'development'
        prod: {
            NODE_ENV : 'production'

I also registered the tasks for dev and production at the end of the file

   grunt.registerTask('dev', ['csslint', 'jshint', 'nodeunit', 'sass', 'concurrent', 'nodemon']);
   grunt.registerTask('prod', ['cssmin', 'uglify', 'nodemon']);

When I run "grunt dev" or "grunt prod" the server starts without error and starts the correct tasks, but I am still not able to access NODE_ENV form inside my server.js file. I tried adding the following:


this returns as "undefined" no matter if I use "grunt dev" or "grunt prod"

Where am I going wrong?


Add your grunt-env task before all the order tasks;

grunt.registerTask('dev', ['env:dev', 'csslint', 'jshint', 'nodeunit', 'sass', 'concurrent', 'nodemon']);
grunt.registerTask('prod', ['env:prod', 'cssmin', 'uglify', 'nodemon']);
  • Thanks!, this was missing from the example I followed but now you point it out its seems to obvious. :) – Finglish Dec 1 '14 at 23:48

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