I have a simple string array coming from a server:

[{"things":["me", "my"]}]

In my page, to display the array I have:


And it prints:

["me", "my"]

How do I control the printing, for instance, if I want to eliminate the brackets and quotes?

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You can implement a scope function to display arrays as comma separated strings like shown in this fiddle.

$scope.array = ["tes","1","2","bla"];

$scope.arrayToString = function(string){
    return string.join(", ");

Now you can call this function within the template:



You can also use the join() method of arrays directly within the template without using an extra function inbetween as displayed within the updated fiddle.

{{array.join(", ")}}

I think you'll want ngRepeat for something like:

<div class="list" ng-repeat="thing in things">
  {{ thing }}

You can also create custom angular filter optionally with some advanced formatting:

module.filter('formatArray', ['OptionalInjection', function(OptionalInjection) {
  return function(value) {
    if (!angular.isArray(value)) return '';
    return value.map(OptionalInjection.formatter).join(', ');  // or just return value.join(', ');

Then in html just write {{yourArrayValue | formatArray}}.

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