I am struggling with the following problem. I use doxygen to document my C++ code, and use the README.md to document the main page of my code documentation, via


in my doyxgen configuration file. Everything works, except that the file README.md appears in the "File documentation" section of my generated .pdf out of the refman.tex file (it doesn't appear in the "File list" section), like

8.24 /Users/username/qpp/README.md File Reference . . . . . . 123

This is extremely annoying, as I don't want this file to appear in any file list. Is there any way to remove it? I cannot just add it to the EXCLUDE = list, as if I do, it won't be used anymore to generate the main page.


As of today, I still haven't found an elegant solution. What you can do in case you don't want README.md to appear in the File Reference section inside your .pdf is to manually comment the line


in the generated refman.tex file, and only after that compile the .tex file to produce the final .pdf

latexmk -pdf refman.tex

The issue does not appear in the html generated documentation, only in the latex one.

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