I want to know if its possible to configure Shiro without the shiro.ini file, I mean, instead of using the INI file, what if I need to make the Shiro config to be hardcoded in a Java class?


Yes it is possible. The documentation says how to do it:



see Credentials Matching

or use jdbc custom realm here


Yes, you can do it through

ServletContextHandler context = new ServletContextHandler( ServletContextHandler.SESSIONS );
context.setContextPath( "/" );
context.addEventListener( new EnvironmentLoaderListener() );

// Add root ShiroFilter, all remaining filters and filter chains are defined in shiro.ini's [urls] section.
FilterHolder filterHolder = new FilterHolder( new ShiroFilter() );
ServletHolder servletHolder = new ServletHolder( new MockServlet() );

EnumSet<DispatcherType> types = EnumSet.allOf( DispatcherType.class );
context.addFilter( filterHolder, "/*", types );
context.addFilter( new FilterHolder( new TestFilter() ), "/*", types );
context.addServlet( servletHolder, "/*" );

And for shiro.ini file refer this doc:

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