The Goal: Download github release tar.gz in Docker Build Script, so that the release files can be used for the docker image. I do not want the full source downloaded, which I can get to download through the archive path using the tag, but rather a build artifact that is part of the release.

To Be Noted: This is a download from a private repository, which is why I'm attempting to send my github_token as part of the command currently.

The Problem: I'm having trouble downloading a github release tar.gz using wget.

wget --header="Authorization: token <GITHUB_TOKEN>" --output-document=<FILENAME>.tar.gz https://github.com/<USER>/<REPO>/releases/download/<TAG>/<FILENAME>.tar.gz

This is returning the following error:

--2014-12-02 16:19:25--  https://github.com/<USER>/<REPO>/releases/download/<TAG>/<FILENAME>.tar.gz
Resolving github.com (github.com)...,
Connecting to github.com (github.com)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
2014-12-02 16:19:25 ERROR 404: Not Found.

It's worth noting that I'm not opposed to using curl for the download either or some other solution if necessary.


You can use the GitHub API.

To download a release using wget, you can do:

wget --header "Authorization: token <GITHUB TOKEN>"  --output-document=<RELEASE>.tar.gz https://api.github.com/repos/<USER>/<REPO>/tarball/<RELEASE NAME>

Use can change tarball to zipball to get a zip file.

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