I have a number of forms, created using the Qt Designer. (Qt 4.8)

I would like to change the font for all the forms ... from somewhere.

In Windows,


works perfectly.

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug (i don't know if this bug report is exactly related)... And the QApplication::setFont(font); does not do anything in the same qt app ported to OS X.

So... I am doing it manually for the OS X. Emit a signal and create a slot to update the interface font, for all ui affected.

My question:

How can I change the font for an entire form ? I can change it for each individual item containing text, but there are very many of them... and it seems that there should be a better way.


#include "ui_SomeForm.h"

SomeForm::SomeForm(QWidget *parent) :
    ui(new Ui::SomeForm)
#if !defined (Q_OS_WIN32)
    connect(&source, SIGNAL(fontChanged(QFont)),
            this, SLOT(refreshFonts()));

#if !defined (Q_OS_WIN32)
void SomeForm::refreshFonts()

That works, but it could be lots of items... what I would like is something like




But things like that give me an error...

How can I apply the change for the entire ui ?

Would a style sheet be he answer ? But complicated to use the QApplication::font.... I don't know how to set it for the form or if it would not slow things down a lot... and how will it interact with a different style sheet that one of the forms has...

  • You may iterate throguth all widgets and it's children to set correct font. – Dmitry Sazonov Dec 3 '14 at 13:08

used a style sheet...

QString styleSheet = QString("font-size:%1px;").arg(QApplication::font().pointSize());
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  • Could not parse application stylesheet – Violet Giraffe Oct 15 '15 at 20:42

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