I have this piece of code code

<ng-pluralize count="comment.Comment.like_count"
    when="{'0': {{'LIKES_LIKE' | translate}},
        'one': {{'LIKES_LIKE' | translate}},
    'other': '{{'LIKES_LIKES' | translate}}}">

but I can't figure out how to Format the string so that it actually parses the likes strings by the translate filter so that the ng-pluralize directive receives the parsed language string.

The error messge is this:

Error: [$parse:lexerr] Lexer Error: Unterminated quote at columns 107-123 [' | translate}}}] in expression [{'0': {{'LIKES_LIKE' | translate}}, 'one': {{'LIKES_LIKE' | translate}}, 'other': '{{'LIKES_LIKE' | translate}}}].

I'm well aware what i means but I can't figure out how to make it work. Any ideas?


I was looking for the same answer and come up with this solution: Escape the quotes for the translation key with &quot ;

<ng-pluralize count="comment.Comment.like_count"
    when="{'0': '{{&quot;LIKES_LIKE&quot; | translate}}',
        'one': '{{&quot;LIKES_LIKE&quot; | translate}}',
        'other': '{{&quot;LIKES_LIKES&quot; | translate}}'}">

or use a ng-int value object (you could also define these values on your controller)

<ng-pluralize count="comment.Comment.like_count"
    ng-init="likes_like='LIKES_LIKE'; likes_likes='LIKES_LIKE'"
    when="{'0': '{{likes_like | translate}}',
        'one': '{{likes_like | translate}}',
        'other': '{{likes_likes | translate}}'}">

For interpolation on teh count value you could use

<ng-pluralize count="comment.Comment.like_count"
    when="{'0': '{{LIKES_LIKE | translate}}',
        'one': '{{LIKES_LIKE | translate}}',
        'other': '{{LIKES_LIKES | translate:{count : comment.Comment.like_count} }}'}">

Where LIKES_LIKES = "{{count}} likes"



It looks like the first quote here is unterminated: '{{'LIKES_LIKES'

Suggest removing it.

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