I use AWS extensively and often ask them to increase our accounts' limits. I'd like to know I'm about to hit a limit before it happens,

Limits for EC2 and IAM are easy:

ec2_acc = AWS::EC2::Client.new(region: "us-east-1")
atr = ec2_acc.describe_account_attributes[:account_attribute_set] # includes limits
iam = AWS::IAM.new
iam_acc = iam.account_summary # description includes limits

Anyone knows how to get the limits for: RDS, EBS, EC2::ELB?


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    No, there is no API method to get RDS/EBS..etc. limits. – slayedbylucifer Dec 4 '14 at 5:57

Thanks slayedbylucifer,

Amazon confirmed this, and said to keep an eye on: http://aws.amazon.com/new/

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