Facing issue in getting attribute value of xml using groovy script.

I am having a CDATA xml. I was able to parse the XML till CDATA. But, I am unable to write the XPATH for the attributes present in the Node. Please find the sample below.

NodeName=Item, attribute=ItemID

<Item ItemID="XXX-XXXXX"/>


<Item ItemID="abc-defg"/>

groovy script:

import com.eviware.soapui.support.XmlHolder
respXmlHolder = new XmlHolder(messageExchange.getResponseContentAsXml())
CDATAXml = respXmlHolder.getNodeValue("//ns1:Response[1]/result[1]")
CDATAXmlHolder = new XmlHolder(CDATAXml)
Item = CDATAXmlHolder.getNodeValue("//ItemID")
log.info("Item = $Item")
assert '397-0109'== Item.@ItemID.text()

Can someone please help me in getting the value of ItemID attribute using groovy script in SOAPUI.


I tried this way. it worked. Thank You.

import groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder
import groovy.lang.*
import java.util.*
import com.eviware.soapui.support.UISupport

def xmlStr = """<OrderLines>
<Item ItemId='397-0109'/>
<Item ItemId='125-5449'/>
<Item ItemId='523-7449'/>

def xmlParse = new XmlParser().parseText( xmlStr )
def ItemId = [:]
println "Write out the Attributes for each node"
xmlParse.OrderLine.Item.each {
ItemId = it.attributes()

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