I would like to use the AWS CLI to query the contents of a bucket and see if a particular file exists, but the bucket contains thousands of files. How can I filter the results to only show key names that match a pattern? For example:

aws s3api list-objects --bucket myBucketName --query "Contents[?Key==*mySearchPattern*]"

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The --query argument uses JMESPath expressions. JMESPath has an internal function contains that allows you to search for a string pattern.

This should give the desired results:

aws s3api list-objects --bucket myBucketName --query "Contents[?contains(Key, `mySearchPattern`)]"

(With Linux I needed to use single quotes ' rather than back ticks ` around mySearchPattern.)

If you want to search for keys starting with certain characters, you can also use the --prefix argument:

aws s3api list-objects --bucket myBucketName --prefix "myPrefixToSearchFor"
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    On Linux using single quotes didn't work. But escaping the backticks worked. (Eg. \`mySearchPattern\` )
    – swdev
    Sep 8, 2015 at 22:44
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    Also, if mySearchPattern is a pure number (eg. 20150101 ) then the CLI complains it should be a string and not an integer. Even through you did quote it. Didn't find a solution except include a non-digit in the searchPattern (eg. 20150101/ ) then it doesn't complain.
    – swdev
    Sep 8, 2015 at 22:57
  • Thanks for the single quotes comment ! I was wondering wtf was going on ,,,,
    – notzippy
    Nov 6, 2017 at 18:48

I tried on Ubuntu 14, awscli 1.2

--query "Contents[?contains(Key,'stati')].Key" 
--query "Contents[?contains(Key,\'stati\')].Key" 
--query "Contents[?contains(Key,`stati`)].Key"

Illegal token value '?contains(Key,'stati')].Key'

After upgraded the aws version to 1.16 , worked with

--query "Contents[?contains(Key,'stati')].Key" 

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