AbstractAddressingEndpointMapping (an ancestor of AnnotationActionEndpointMapping) retrieves all SmartInterceptors from the BeanFactory and assigns them to an instance variable. Later the MessageDispatcher (SoapMessageDispatcher) calls getEndpoint() on the mapping (from within its own getEndpoint() method). AbstractAddressingEndpointMapping.getEndpoint() calls its own private getEndpointInvocationChain() method that creates a new instance of SoapEndpointInvocationChain with all the interceptors. It never calls shouldIntercept() on the interceptor to determine whether it should be added to the chain.

Contract this to SoapActionAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping, which inherits from AbstractEndpointMapping which does the same thing in regards to retrieving the SmartInterceptors. However, it's getEndpoint() method actually calls shouldIntercept() on each interceptor and only adds ones that return true to its chain. AnnotationActionEndpointMapping and SoapActionAnnotationMethodEndpointMapping have different ancestors so their handling is obviously different.

So the question is -- is there a proper way to configure SmartInterceptors for an AnnotationActionEndpointMapping?

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I think this is a bug: the AnnotationActionEndpointMapping should also call shouldIntercept on its smart interceptor chain. Could you please create a JIRA for this here, possibly linking to this SO question? Or better yet, provide a pull request?

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