I have a many-to-many relationship represented by role documents. A user can have many roles in a project (and a project may have many different users as well). A role is essentially {projectId, userId, roleName}

I have a view that emits roles with the projectId key which allows me to easily find all of the userIds for a particular project, which is great. However, now I need specific information about the user too. I could of course just iterate over the users and query for them individually or user their keys, but I imagine there is a way to do this in CouchDB with only one query.

How can I get user information from userId with my roles view?


In a CouchDB view you can emit {“_id”: <userId>} as the view value. When querying the view with include_docs=true, CouchDB will return the document with _id: <userId>. So a view function like

function(doc) {
  if(doc.projectId && doc.userId) {
    emit(doc.projectId, {“_id”: doc.userId});

might be what you’re looking for.

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