When I run ./manage.py runserver, it often crashes because of mistakes I make, e.g. copy/paste code and save before modifying it or having a syntax error. Then I have to rerun the server.

Is it possible to somehow have the server still running and then reload on my subsequent save so I don't have to run the server manually again?

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I use a simple bash script for this. Here's a one-liner you can use:

$ while true; do python manage.py runserver; sleep 2; done

That will wait 2 seconds before attempting to restart the server. Insert whatever you think is a sane value.

I usually write this as a shell script named runserver.sh, put it in my project root (the same directory with manage.py in it) and add it to the gitignore.

while true; do
  echo "Re-starting Django runserver"
  python manage.py runserver
  sleep 2

If you do this, remember to chmod +x runserver.sh, then you can execute it with:


Use Ctrl-c Ctrl-c to exit.

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