I got a problem like this I got a service to inject doctrine and use the entity manager to insert a user record into database: UsersService.php

And i got a service to send email: MyEmailService.php

All both services injected in the services.yml(follow this docs http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/service_container.html). All of them work fine.

So now my problem is: I have a class call UserFacade.php(not extends any controller). It has a method "addUser". In this function it will call to UserService.php to insert a record into database, then call the MyEmailService.php to send an email to user's email. How can i do that in Symphony? I'm the newbie with bundle in Symphony.

Please help Thanks

  • have you tried including the class itself to a controller? – Mike Ante Dec 4 '14 at 3:17
  • Yes @MikeAnte. My problem is how can i call to doctrine manager from UserService? And then call the UserService from UserFacade – user1597721 Dec 4 '14 at 3:32

First you have to declare your dependencies in the constructor of the UserFacade class. This is one way to allow symfony to inject the dependencies:

class UserFacade 
    /** @var UserService */
    private $userService;

    /** @var EmailService */
    private $emailService;

    public function __construct(UserService $userService, MyEmailService $emailService) 
        $this->userService = $userService;
        $this->emailService = $emailService;

    public function addUser(User $user) 
        $this->emailService->sendUserMail($user, ...);

Then you have to declare the dependencies in your service.yml (assuming your using YAML, XML is quite similar):

        class:     UserService
        class:     EmailService
        class:     UserFacade
        arguments: [@user_service, @email_service]

And then use the facade in your controller:

class UserController 
    public function addUserAction(Request $request) 
        // Do stuff with Request to populate the $user object

You have to register your UserFacade class as a service, inject into it UserService (and MyEmailService). Then call UserService and MyEmailService from UserFacade service as a property:

// and so on

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