My situation is as follows. I have a remote database, which i can only access via ssh-tunnel. I promptly configured it as a Data Source in PHPStorm and everything works fine. However, i often need to operate moderately large tables (several millions of records), so simply copy-pasting INSERT statements to add data doesn't work.

I tried googling it, search PhpStorm Help, but there is no info at all. Perhaps, some plugin exists for such task, or is there another way of inserting data from files via PHPStorm?

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    PhpStorm (Database support plugin, to be precise) is the wrong tool for operating such large number of records (import/export/etc) -- its main purpose is to help you writing the code (sql queries/table structure etc). You better use more appropriate soft/solutions for that. Since you are accessing it via SSH, you could/should use your DB native command line tools for such operations (bulk insert/sql dump).
    – LazyOne
    Commented Dec 4, 2014 at 12:23
  • Using command line is the way i'm doing it right now, so it's more question of convenience than anything else, but i was still wondering if it is possible with PHPStorm.
    – Eternal1
    Commented Dec 4, 2014 at 13:01

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Add the sql file to your project files, right-click this file in the Project view and select "Run {filename}" You will then be asked to select the right database, on which the sql will execute.

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    as of now (July 2020) you don't need to put the sql file into your project. I had the issue that the dump was on an external hard drive and I couldn't copy it to my local mashine. you can just right click the DB in the database tab of PhpStorm and click ´Run SQL Script...´ from the context menu. select your dump to insert it
    – Mr.Moe
    Commented Jul 9, 2020 at 10:05

Step by step guide to execute Mysql Script from PhpStrom or any Jet Brain's intelligence IDE

1.Put your MySQL script file in current project directory.

2.Right click and select option Run_{fileName.sql} from Context menu (Tip: you can also select multiple files if you want.)

enter image description here

3.Select appropriate Schema/database name in Target data source/Schema

enter image description here

4.click on Run button. After that execution of operations will going to start.


searching a solution for a similar issue I found a way to import data to mysql phpstorm data resource from the sql console typing this:

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/your_csv_file.csv' 
INTO TABLE your_table 
(column1, column2, column3, ...);

Maybe could be useful for you.

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