In the Interface Builder I have placed UIToolbar with two UIBarButtonItems, each hosting UIButton inside. Buttons and their titles layouts nicely in original (development) language:

Buttons with titles "Uložit"  "Zrušit"

The problem is, that when I create localization, titles in buttons didn't reflect character count change (i.e. new title width):

Button with titles "Save" "C...el"

UI Kit User Interface Catalog informs that Auto Layout constraints cannot be used for individual bar button items.

Any idea how to force button to layout correctly?

I am using Xcode 6.1 with app target IOS 8.1.

  • Will you please share project ? – Jageen Dec 5 '14 at 5:04

Problem on my side - I accidentally inserted UIButton in UIBarButtonItem, so final hierarchy was:

  • UIToolbar
    • UIBarButtonItem
      • UIButton
    • UIBarButtonItem
      • UIButton

It happened in Interface Builder when I dragged UIButton into UIToolbar and then didn't realize that UIBarButtonItem is in fact a button. Because localization was attached to UIButton title, proper layout in fixed-width UIBarButtonItem couldn't be reached.

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