I've started a haxe js project in FlashDevelop, I need to load a local file, is this possible? how to to so?


The simple answer is use "resources". You add a path and an identifier to your hxml:

-resource hello_message.txt@welcome

And you use it in your code like this:

var welcome = haxe.Resource.getString("welcome");

Note that the operation is performed at compile time so there is no runtime overhead. It is essentially equivalent to embed the file content in a quoted string.

The complex answer is to use a macro. With them you can load, parse, process and do all the manipulation you might need. Pretty commonly, you can see macros to load a config file (say JSON or YAML) and use it as part of your application (again at compile time and not at runtime).


You could grab files with an XMLHttpRequest as long as you keep them somewhere public (if you're putting it online) and accessible to the script.

Here's a quick example of grabbing a text file from the location assets/test.txt

This is the sort of thing I usually do in the JS games I make, I find it a bit more flexible than just embedding them with -resource.

If it's not exactly what you're looking for then Franco's answer should see you through.

package ;

import js.html.XMLHttpRequest;
import js.html.Event;

class Start {
    static function main() {
        var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

        // using the GET method, get the file at this location, asynchronously 
        request.open("GET", "assets/test.txt", true);

        // when loaded, get the response and trace it out
        request.onload = function(e:Event){

        // if there's an error, handle it
        request.onerror = function(e:Event) {
            trace("error :(");

        // send the actual request to the server
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    You can also use the standard haxe.Http class to load stuff. This will make it work in other platforms too. – Mark Knol Dec 20 '14 at 9:38

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