I'm using Play framework 2.2.x and I'm looking for some plugin/lib for generating PDF.

I found this plugin: https://github.com/joergviola/play20-pdf, but it's for Java and is not supported already

Do u know some repository with this library? Or some alternatives for Scala and Play Framework?

=== Update

I found some fork, but still no working repository https://github.com/alias1/play2pdf


Try this one https://github.com/Kaliber/scala-pdf. It is really easy to use, and you can define your own css or even use bootstrap.


This seems to be a very good solution : https://github.com/cloudify/sPDF

Otherwise, I highly recommend http://www.html2pdf.it/

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    Very nice Scala integration. It relies on wkhtmltopdf.org which renders HTML using Webkit, so it may not be a portable solution depending on your deployment constraints. – Patrick Refondini Dec 17 '16 at 14:15

Well javascript can be easy solution . You can use jspdf .

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