In SSRS, it is a good practice to put your report elements inside rectangles. Markup with Rectangles

This makes it possible to move several items at once by moving the rectangle around. When moving the rectangle around with a mouse, this works like a charm: the Tablix position inside the Rectangle remains the same, so the Rectangle moves with all contents in-place to another position:

Move rectangle by mouse

However, when you manually (via the Top / Left properties in the properties pane) alter the position of these rectangles in Design Mode, the rectangle moves, but the contents remain on the same place. So whenever I do the same movement via the properties pane (which is more precise IMHO), the contents are not moved along with the rectangle, and oftentimes even become invisible:

Move rectangle via properties

Whenever you alter the position of the Rectangle directly inside the XML of the report (in 'Code Mode'), the contents are moved along correctly - but this is a rather time-consuming way.

Is there a way to make SSRS move the contents of rectangles along in Design Mode, even when the position of the rectangles is altered via the properties pane?

  • ...and 7 years, 3 months later, this is still the behaviour in VS 2022. It's a maddening bug.
    – Nugsson
    Commented Mar 25, 2022 at 11:47


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