I am using this example to post my story to facebook. I have my own Open Graph objects, stories though.

This worked well when I had existing login into my iPhone's native FB app. This login was the one who administers my FB app. I have everything verified including bundle ID, URL scheme, app store ID and so on.

After some time successfully posting, I started observing that my posts were successfully getting posted (response code) but not appearing in FB timeline. I played with timeline audience access and so on, but to no avail.

Then I switched the user on device FB app, and I started getting error code 102.

The response doesn't say much, except this:

Error Domain=com.facebook.Facebook.platform Code=102
FBAPIErrorDomain error 3506

I figure from this documentation that this has something to do with API Session - I am doing nothing inside my app to obtain one, and I don't know if I should, if I am using the above example code.

What should I do to ensure I always have valid Facebook session while I post?


The answer to this is same as what Ming Li suggested, and has been derived from this.

Before FB app approval by Facebook, one needs to add test users to perform actions related to permissions.

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