I am trying to create a simple formula for calculation in table .

This is the table structure

PC          WEBSITE     100
MOBILE      ANDROID     20
MOBILE      IPAD        10
MOBILE      IPHONE      20

My calculation is trying to find the share :

Calc1: Share of site= sum of revenue from mobile / sum of revenue (mobile+PC)

Calc2: share of platform= sum of revenue from apps/revenue from mobile

Can someone highlight how I can create a formula , I am very new to tableau.



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For Calc1, try a calculated field like: sum(iif([Experience]='MOBILE',[Revenue],0))/sum([Revenue])

Calc2 uses similar logic: sum(iif([Platform]='ANDROID',[Revenue],0))/sum(iif([Experience]='MOBILE',[Revenue],0))

You should also be able to get what you need using the Tableau built in table calculations, by dragging in what you need and adjusting filters as necessary.

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