Beginner here.

I'm getting this message.

unable to determine the products that correspond with that setup type

I get the above error when trying to install MySQl, this occurs on the

"choosing a setup Type"

screen on the mysql installer. I click on "Developer Default" but when i click next i get the above error. I should note that i have wamp installed and i was thinking that, that might be interfering somehow. I can still go all the way through the installer but nothing installs or shows up on the following pages. Solutions, is there a work around based around wamp? I was not able to find anything or maybe i just wasn't searching the right terms.

Running on a windows 7 machine 64-bit.

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Choose Custom install and choose product that you want to install.

It work for me.


There is a catalog error in the most recent version of MySQL. An update has been published.

  1. Open the MySQL installer.
  2. Click on the Catalog button (lower right of the installer window)
  3. Perform the upgrade.

After this you can click on the Add button from the installer window and perform any of the installation options available based on the pre-requisites installed on your system.

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