In graph viewer, is it possible to not start with a random vertice? When I uncheck the option, the graph simply disappears. But I don't get to choose the starting point anywhere.

And when I set up the configuration it is not saved to the graph view. Is this going to be fixed? I find it kind of a key feature for a graph-database to be able to easily explore the graph.

I am working with arrangodb 2.3.1

Anyway, besides some trouble with the graph viewer, I really enjoy this fancy multi model database! And for me it is a big plus it's made in Germany! Keep on the great work arangodb-team!

  • You can select another start vertex later in the graph viewer: First, click on the filter icon and then use the two input boxes that will show up. Enter _key into the left box and a known key of a vertex into the other box and press return. This should bring up the vertex with the given _key value. You can also use other attributes if you don't want to select a vertex using its _key. – stj Dec 8 '14 at 8:55

As already mentioned in the comments you can select the start vertex later.

  1. Click on the Filter icon (see image)
  2. Two input boxes should appear - Attribute name and Attribute value. Type in _key into the left box (see image)
  3. Type in a known _key of a vertex (or another attribute) into the right box (see image)
  4. Simply hit return and you should see the vertex with the given _key value

Graph Viewer

  • OK, this solved first part of my question. Thank you! What about saving the configs (and filters) to the graph view? I have to reset the filter and enable 'undirected graph' each time I reopen the graph. – robertosh Dec 8 '14 at 14:52
  • Sadly I think there is no way to save the configs at the moment. This is a feature that we will work on. – 13abylon Dec 8 '14 at 15:46

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