I have an ubuntu 14.04 server with

Nginx + HHVM (instead of php) + mariadb and I just installed phpmyadmin

All the setup seems fine and my host/phpmyadmin works alright but whenever i try to login with my mysql credentials i get stuck after login in a blank page and something like this in the url: phpmyadmin/index.php?token=7e858f9ed3b783b34d4c2274d721f125&SID

How can i fix this?


I found this tutorial for installing everything that you need. Maybe it could help. :)


I had the same issue ... If you recently updated your php, check if the mcrypt extension is enabled or not !

(Mcrypt is not available on php7.2, if you want to enable it, you have to create a symlink from the 7.1 folder)

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