I have following form input which I'm trying to fill by scope data:

<input type="date" name="editCallForm.date"  ng-model="editCallForm.date">

I tried a few combination of date formatting, for example:


But without luck (for time input is it working without problems).

What is the right format for this type of input?

Thanks for any help.

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dates should be javascript date objects reference this says

The model must always be a Date object, 


your codes should be

<input type="date" name="editCallForm.date"  ng-model="editCallForm.date">


$scope.editCallForm.date = new Date(); // set to today

if you want to format this date you can follow the Ben's answer , for Ex:

$scope.formattedDate = $filter('date')($scope.dateObj, "dd/MM/yyyy");

don't forget to add the $filter dependency in your controller

here is a Demo Plunker please check

note that this feature is not works in older angular versions. its working angular 1.3 and onward

please check the breaking changes in angularjs change log here

If you need to do this in older versions of angularjs you can use something like angular-ui bootstrap datepicker

here is the Demo Plunker


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