I have created a base controller that houses a UnitOfWork so that I don't have to new it up all the time . Within this controller I have also added three action filters that I want to run every request:

public class BaseController : ApiController
    private UnitOfWork _unitOfWork;
    public UnitOfWork UnitOfWork
        get { return _unitOfWork ?? (_unitOfWork = new UnitOfWork()); }

Then I just have a controller defined like so:

[System.Web.Http.Authorize(Roles = "Host, Guest")]
public class MeetingController : BaseController
    //Code in here

However none of the ActionFilters will execute when making a request. I have ensured that each ActionFilter works off of the System.Web.Http.Filters namespace to not conflict with the MVC version. This is what one of my filters looks like:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Http.Filters;

public class LoggingActionFilter : ActionFilterAttribute
    public override void OnActionExecuted(HttpActionExecutedContext actionExecutedContext)
        //Logging Code Here

I have spent a while on this trying simply to execute one action filter but no dice so far. Is there anything I'm missing?

Edit: As soon as I remove the [Authorize] attribute, the filters work. But it is important to ensure that roles are adhered to here.


This may help: How does inheritance work for Attributes?

This also may help: How to add global ASP.Net Web Api Filters?

If you want these filters to execute on every request, doing something like this during Application_Start is probably your best bet:

GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Filters.Add(new ElmahLogFilter());
GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Filters.Add(new LoggingActionFilter());
GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Filters.Add(new RequestValidationFilter());
  • Sadly doesn't seem to make a difference if I add these into the Global.asax. I have updated my question with an edit if that makes any difference? – Jono_2007 Dec 7 '14 at 21:16

Authorization filter runs before action filters and if the identity is not authorized, pipeline will be short-circuited. That is, in your case, if the user is not in the required roles, none of the action filters or the action method itself will run.

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