How i can recompile my edited codes Or replace it with original files and save it as exe in dotpeek ?

I try to recompile edited files and save it but i cant

If you found any way please share Thanks

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Right click the opened file in Assembly Explorer pane and choose, Export to Project, this will save it as a Visual Studio Project that you can open and work towards compiling.

  • Hi, I tried to recompile the decompiled apps, but always encounter this error MSB3822: Non-string resources require the System.Resources.Extensions assembly at runtime. I found an online solution, but it doesnt resolve the issue. what is possibly wrong? codesandbox.io/s/heuristic-tharp-7jyvdr?file=/file.csproj
    – Darryl RN
    Nov 1, 2023 at 0:53

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