In Java, is there a way (at runtime) to obtain the bytecode which defined a particular class?

Put another way, is there a way to obtain the byte[] array passed to ClassLoader.defineClass(String name, byte[] b, int off, int len) when a particular class was loaded? I see that this method is declared final, so creating a custom ClassLoader to intercept class definitions seems out of the question.

In the past, I have used the class's ClassLoader to obtain the bytecode via the getResourceAsStream(String) method, but I would prefer a more canonical solution.

  • Why is <code>getResourceAsStream(String)</code> not canonical ? – Riduidel Apr 29 '10 at 12:39
  • 2
    @Riduidel: Not all class loaders expose the bytecode as a resource. For example, some custom class loaders generate bytecode on the fly and don't bother returning it when getResourceAsStream is called. – Adam Paynter Apr 29 '10 at 12:41
  • This might be a silly question, but why do you need to get the byte codes for a given class? Presumably you don't want to use getResourceAsStream because some classes might be loaded by another classloader? – Geoff Apr 29 '10 at 13:29
  • @Geoff: I actually want the debugging symbols to help infer method parameter names at runtime as per this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/2729580 – Adam Paynter Apr 29 '10 at 13:57
  • @Geoff: In the past, I used the class's class loader (as opposed to the current thread's class loader or the system class loader) to increase the odds of finding the bytecode. :) – Adam Paynter Apr 29 '10 at 14:00

Here is a description how to implement an agent


"Java agents" would be the obvious solution.

  • Interesting, I have never heard of agents before! – Adam Paynter Apr 29 '10 at 12:45

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