Hello I was checking Android 5.0 samples there was sample BasicManagedProfile. Using that I have created managed profile successfully. But it was managing only Market applications (Downloaded from Google Play) as managed application. But I tried with custom say it HelloWOrld application that is not available on Market. It gave me the error " java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Only system apps can be enabled this way."

                        BasicDeviceAdminReceiver.getComponentName(activity), packageName);

code that i was using to enable application. Is there any way or API to enable Custom application in Managed Profile.


After searching for many days I found that currently google has not provided any API/ methods to enable non-market application in managed profile.


Managed users cannot install non market apps in Lollipop, programmatically or manually. There's a spammy bug report about the manual way.

However, there's a workaround for development/personal use. Just install your app with adb install after the managed user creation. The app will be installed for both users.

  • yes hartok found that solution only. Thank you for response :) – Javed Salat Feb 9 '15 at 9:09

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