I've been doing a little dabbling with MSBuild before, but this is my first forray into partial builds. I've got everything to work, but not as well as I'd like. I cannot get around this message:

Skipping target "BuildLocalizerSetting" because it has no outputs. Though the target has declared its outputs, the output specification only references empty properties and/or empty item lists.

If I delete the Inputs attribute from the target everything works fine. I suspect this has to do with missing transforms, but specifying a transform is not really possible.

My setup is slightly different from a typical build scenario. I have a manifest file, which contains a list of files which should be compiled. I.e. I go from a scenario where one input file generates a - potentially long - list of items in an item group.

I've build a custom task for parsing the manifest file, and it seems to do the task well. Although I did run into one snag, The TaskItem doesn't allow setting of certain wellknown metadata, like: "Filename", "Extension", "ModifiedTime", etc. The issue was quickly resolved by implementing ITaskItem in a custom TaskItem class. I know dirty checking works as it should, since MSBuild does detect that those items has beeen modified. But now I wonder... Do I risk having a build error on some odd platform due to that implementation?

But most importantly, Why can't MSBuild accept that the inputs have changed, and then conclude that the outputs have changed as well?

Every example I've found assumes either a one to one relationship between input and output, or a many to one, but in my scenario I go from one to many, can that be done?

  • Are you not setting Outputs on the Target? You could try using <Error Text="@(ExpressionYouPutInOutputs)"/> somewhere to see if it is empty or not. You should put your many in Outputs and MSBuild will detect that as any of the outputs being older than the one input manifest file as requiring a rebuild. Or you could put both the manifest file and all inputs in the Inputs and all the outputs in Outputs and any file in Outputs older than the manifest or any input will cause a rebuild. – binki Jan 23 '17 at 15:27

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