I am new to Control M and would like to find out if status of jobs/workflows can be queried programmatically.

I am trying to see if I can get : job schedule, what jobs are waiting to be run, status of each job, waiting, complete, in process..etc

Can I query the Control M somehow and get these info on demand?

I read some where that BMC Control-M Business Process Integration Suite provides something similar. Can someone tell me if this is possible? Thanks much


You can do that through Keystroke Language programs. If you go to 3.4 and do a search by BMC.IOA.**.KSL, in the resultant libraries search for REPJOBSA. This will give you something like:

JOBa     CTMXXX   ODATE                    JOB Wait Schedule   
JOBc     CMXXXX   ODATE                    JOB Wait Schedule    
JOBy     CTMXXX   ODATE  JOBNAMEY/JOBIDy   JOB Ended "OK"          

Then, with a SORT you can format the output.

Example of the STEP to get the previous information:

//A01TEP   EXEC IOARKSL,COND=(00,NE)               
  TRACE OFF                                        
  MAXCOMMAND 999999                                
  CALLMEM REPJOBST                                 
//            DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE),             
//            SPACE=(TRK,(xx,yy),RLSE),            
//            DCB=(RECFM=dd,LRECL=lll)             
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Programmatic access to Control-M is provided as a standard part of the product since V9. You can use RESTful web service requests either directly or via a node.js cli called "CTM". You should be able to find lots of dicumentaiton by entering Contorl-M Automation API into you favorite search engine.

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