Is there some way to pass variables from twig to javascript file that lay in public/js directory of bundle. Or do I need to assign my variables in template and then include my script file where vars will be used?


Assign the variable in the template and pick it up with javascript...

var foo = '{{ foo }}';

Another way without having to have your javascript file as a template would be to have the javascript value as a data-* attribute and then get that from your javascript file. This would mean that your javascript wouldn't necessarily be coupled to your twig file.

<a href="#" data-id="{{ entity.id }}" id="some-link">Link</a>

With jQuery..

var id = $('#some-link').data('id');

With regular javascript (i think)..

var id = document.querySelector('#some-link').dataset.id;

You can use this in your twig

<script type="text/javascript">
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    var settings = {
        example: {{ 'something' | trans }}
    /* ]]> */

then you can access them in your js:


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