The dialog below comes up if you share an image from the Photos app on iOS 8 devices. How to get an app into the red circled share menu? (I would like to register an iOS 8 iPhone app for the extensions .png, .jpg and .gif) enter image description here


You'll need to create an app extension.

According to Apple:

To add a new target to your Xcode app project, choose File > New > Target. In the sidebar on the left side of the new target dialog, choose Application Extension for iOS or OS X. In the pane on the right side of the dialog, Xcode displays the templates you can choose.

You'll want to choose an Action extension

  • I'm using Air on Windows, so I don't have access to XCode. Can you please post a template for an image (png, jpg, gif) action extension? – Tom Dec 10 '14 at 20:01

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