I've made a library which I'd like to compile to an SWC file, I've tried to do this in FDT by choosing FDT AS3 Library as Run settings, but all I end up with is a 0kb .swc file. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? I can't find much when I google it either, if anybody has a quick walkthrough on how to do it saved in your bookmarks or something, that would be great!

Many thanks,

  • I stopped using FDT because it's full of bugs like this. Best of luck to you -- even though I no longer get code hints/refactoring/etc, I'm still a faster, better coder with a plain text editor plus a command line than I was dealing with FDT's problems. – Cory Petosky Apr 29 '10 at 20:02
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You can always download the flex sdx and compile swc's with compc (component compiler). The command would look something like:

path_to_flex_sdk\bin\compc -source-path source_path -output output_path\my_swc.swc -include-classes DocumentClass

replacing path_to_flex_sdk with the path to wherever you installed the sdk, source_path with the path to your source code, output_path with wherever you want the swc placed, and DocumentClass with the name of your document class (which should be in the directory specified by source_path).

Good luck!

Try to add sources manually in SWC Launcher configuration, Compiler arguments tab:


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