When I have active Meteor login token and perform a DB drop with meteor reset, app page freezes badly on reload. It feels like the page keeps loading, though there is nothing on the page I can interact with. Browser console hangs as well. Tested on Chrome and Firefox, facing same behavior. But when I try to remove cache for the app domain (through browser settings, as dev tools are unconscious), everything becomes okay, I get redirected to a login page (as provided in my route config) and browser console has the following message: You've been logged out by the server. Please log in again. This is my Iron Router global onBeforeAction hook:

Router.onBeforeAction(function () {

document.documentElement.className = 'gt-ie8 gt-ie9';

var currentUser = Meteor.user(),
    currentRoute = this.route.getName(),
    routeOptions = {},
    userCompany, userTeam,

// prevent not logged in user from visiting the app
// console.log(this.next);
if (!currentUser) {
  // return;
} else {

  userRoles = currentUser.roles;

  userRoles = userRoles.length ? userRoles : ['member'];
  userCompany = currentUser.companyId || null;
  userTeam = currentUser.teamId || null;

  // get current user allowed routes (for highest role)
  allowedRoutes = _.filter(SW.roles, function (appRoute, index) {
    return userRoles.indexOf(index) > -1;
  allowedRoutes = allowedRoutes && allowedRoutes.length ? allowedRoutes[0].routes : [];

  // if not all routes are allowed
  if (allowedRoutes.indexOf('*') === -1) {
    // restrict if route is not allowed
    if (!allowedRoutes.length || allowedRoutes.indexOf(currentRoute) === -1) {



}, {
  except: ['enroll', 'login', 'logout']

I need to mention as well that this is very weird slippy issue that happens on production server far more often than when performing local testing.

  • You're using meteor reset on a production server? The problem is that this shuts down the Meteor server, disconnecting any users. If you update the code and let Meteor hot-reload as normal, this shouldn't happen unless the hot-reload times out.
    – sbking
    Dec 10, 2014 at 23:18
  • @sbking I'm using meteor reset locally, and it happens time of the time in that case. Though on production there is a script that drops database after deployment, and it tends to appear more often there. After some changes I have to perform database drop, and this where the issue comes out.
    – evenfrost
    Dec 11, 2014 at 7:13

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The issue seems to be gone with the latest Meteor update ( Though, it may be because of this issue with Fast Render (fixed in 2.1.0), which I'm using on my project.

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