I'm trying to improve the speed of query below. She is returning the data in 9 seconds. If I remove the shortestPath, the time drops to 1.5 seconds.

Does anyone know what might be wrong with my query or how to optimize shartestPath?

It's a single query:

MATCH (currentUser:Packer {UUID:'19443'})-[:I_Follow*0..1]->followers-[rf:Has_Backpack|Has_Contribution*0..1]->(e)
Match (e)-[rp:Has_Pocket|Has_Document*0..]->d
Match d-[rn:Say_Thanks|I_Follow|I_Favorite_Follow|I_Favorite*0..1]->a
with distinct currentUser,followers, a, last(rf + rp  + rn) as l  
Optional match shortestPath(currentUser-[:Has_Group|Has_Shared_To_Collaboration|Hub_Shared|Has_Shared|Has_Backpack|Has_Pocket|Has_Document]->a)
with  followers, a, count(a) as num,l<br><br>
OPTIONAL MATCH a-[:Hub_Comments]->()-[rf:Has_Comment]->comments   
WITH  followers, a, l, collect(comments)[0..3] as coll,count(comments) as totalComments,num

MATCH parent-[l]->a where (num > 0 or a.Permission <> 'Private') with followers, a, parent, l, coll, totalComments  order by l.Datecreate desc skip 0 limit 10
Match (owner:Packer {Username:a.Createdby})<br>
return followers, a, parent, l, coll, totalComments, owner

Using the profile have this data:

Operator | Rows | DbHits | Identifiers

Extract (0) | 3731 | 7462 |

PatternMatcher (0) | 3731 | 8386 | parent, a, l |

Filter | 3735 | 7470 | | (a> {} AUTOINT3 OR NOT (Property (a, Permission (10)) == {AUTOSTRING4})) |

Total Accesses database: 23386

Version: 2.1.6 nodes: 175,563 properties: 468 402 relationships: 155,284 relationship types: 38 database disk: 780 MB usage: 2 MB

  • It seems odd that you're matching with shortestPath but the relationship definition isn't variable length. Wouldn't that be matching whichever path of 1 hop is shortest? – Brian Underwood Dec 10 '14 at 16:47
  • Oh, also, do you have indexes in the places where you're matching keys? – Brian Underwood Dec 10 '14 at 16:48
  • Yes, I have indexes for UUID and Permission. In fact rlationship is a variable length here (e)-[rp:Has_Pocket|Has_Document*0..]->d – Jeferson dos Anjos Dec 11 '14 at 1:21
  • But the shortestPath relationship MATCH isn't variable length, right? It's Has_Group|Has_Shared_To_Collaboration|Hub_Shared|Has_Shared|Has_Backpack|Has_Pocket|Has_Document – Brian Underwood Dec 11 '14 at 12:30
  • Yes, because we do not have sublevels limits in Has_Pocket relationship. But put a limit of 10 and still was very slow. Link com detalhes do profile: gist.github.com/jefersonmanjos/02cb3972b4f738b42397 – Jeferson dos Anjos Dec 11 '14 at 14:01

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