I am new to swagger editor .In edit mode i have done documentaion of api very well.But the Designer mode is not get enabled in opera,chrome,Firefox . How can I enable this in my browser .? Here is a sample i have done in editor mode .

"swagger": "2.0",
"info": {
    "title": "Uber API",         
    "version": "1.0.0"
"host": "api.uber.com",
"schemes": [
"basePath": "/v1",
"produces": [
"paths": {
    "/products": {
        "get": {
            "summary": "Product Types",
            "description": " test",
            "parameters": [                    
                    "name": "longitude",
                    "in": "query",
                    "description": "Longitude component of location.",
                    "required": true,
                    "type": "number",
                    "format": "double"
            "tags": [
            "responses": {
                "200": {
                    "description": "An array of products"                       
                "default": {
                    "description": "Unexpected error"                       

How can do this with Desinger mode ? Please Help me .


Well, you got your answer in the github issue you opened, but for anyone who may see the question here, the answer is simply that it is not implemented yet and as such not available.


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