I'm experimenting with Code Contract and I encountered one problem. I have class:

public class SpecialPoint
    public int X { get; set; }
    public int Y { get; set; }

    public SpecialPoint(int x, int y)
        Contract.Requires<ArgumentException>(y > x);
        X = x;
        Y = y;

    private void ClassContract()
        Contract.Invariant(Y > X);

and I run a test against it:

class SpecialPointTests
    public void SpecialPoint()
        var p = new SpecialPoint(10, 20); 
        p.X = 30;

I expected static checker to warn me about assignment p.X =30; as this violates invariant but it only takes place during runtime. I have static analysis enable. My version is 1.7.11202.10.


From the MSDN page on Contract.Invariant

During run-time checking, invariants are checked at the end of each public method.

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