I want to get app_name variable in rake task called via edge file.

cmd: rails new asdf_com -m http://refinerycms.com/t/edge

and I want to get "app_name" in my generator called from edge file

row with: generate "refinery:cms --fresh-installation #{ARGV.join(' ')}"

and in rake task:

I want to get in this file the app_name to change:

database: your_local_database to change to database: <%= app_name %>_dev to get "database: asdf_com_dev"

But there is an error: (erb):6:in `template': undefined local variable or method `app_name' for #<Refinery::RefineryGenerator:0x00000008dfb0d0> (NameError)

How to pls get it inside of my rake task pls?


You need something like this:


I suppose you don't actually have to downcase since your app name is all lowercase.



is working solution.

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