Consider the following example:

import shapeless._

case class Foo(bar: String, baz: Boolean)
val labl = LabelledGeneric[Foo]

Now, the type of labl is (prettified)

LabelledGeneric[Foo] {
  type Repr =
    FieldType[Symbol @@ String("bar"), String] ::
    FieldType[Symbol @@ String("baz"), Boolean] ::

which already conveys the information I need, i.e. the names of the case class fields.

What I'm looking for is a way to go from labl to something along the lines of

"bar" :: "baz" :: HNil

i.e. materializing the information contained in the singleton types into a value.

Is this possible? I could use a macro, but I feel like I would end up rewriting something very similar to the GenericMacros object in shapeless, so I'm wondering whether I can leverage it directly.


You can obtain the keys of the record (as Symbols) via shapeless.ops.record.Keys.


import shapeless._
import shapeless.ops.record._

case class Foo(bar: String, baz: Boolean)
val labl = LabelledGeneric[Foo]
val keys = Keys[labl.Repr].apply

results in

'bar :: 'baz :: HNil
List(bar, baz) : List(String)
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    great, thanks! A minor note: despite what it looks like from the first println, keys type is not an HList of symbols or strings, but it also contains the tags information. I needed an HList of pure strings, so I had to map over the HList with a Poly1 along the lines of object toName extends Poly1 { implicit def keyToName[A] = at[Symbol with A](_.name) } – Gabriele Petronella Dec 12 '14 at 16:10

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