I have a Map<String, Object> of parameters. Some of these parameters have lists and rest assured will set the parameter value as a comma separated list:


I am using jersey and for some reason it doesn't accept these CSV lists. It accepts parameter lists with repeating values:


Is there a way I can configure rest-assured to write lists in this way?

This is marked as a duplicate and it can no longer be answered, but I found the answer to the question.


I was using rest-assured version 1.8.2 but I needed to update to 1.9.0. This issue is directly reported here: https://code.google.com/p/rest-assured/issues/detail?id=169&can=1&q=query%20parameters


In REST Assured you just do like this:

given().queryParam("fieldlist", "1", "2", "3"). ..

You don't need to construct the URL manually. Version 1.9.0 is also really old. You should update to the latest version.


I had to set the values for the fields in the path manually. I was also on version 1.8.2 which still did not support repeating query parameters because of an issue with rest-assured. Updating to 1.9.0 allowed me to repeat the query parameters manually in the path.

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