I am simply trying to convert a date string into a DateTime object in Java 8. Upon running the following lines:

DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMdd");
LocalDateTime dt = LocalDateTime.parse("20140218", formatter);

I get the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.time.format.DateTimeParseException: 
Text '20140218' could not be parsed: 
Unable to obtain LocalDateTime from TemporalAccessor: 
{},ISO resolved to 2014-02-18 of type java.time.format.Parsed
    at java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter.createError(DateTimeFormatter.java:1918)
    at java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter.parse(DateTimeFormatter.java:1853)
    at java.time.LocalDateTime.parse(LocalDateTime.java:492)

The syntax is identical to what has been suggested here, yet I am served with an exception. I am using JDK-8u25.


It turns out Java does not accept a bare Date value as DateTime. Using LocalDate instead of LocalDateTime solves the issue:

DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMdd");
LocalDate dt = LocalDate.parse("20140218", formatter);
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    For what it's worth: I had this same problem even when using LocalDate and not LocalDateTime. The issue was that I had created my DateTimeFormatter using .withResolverStyle(ResolverStyle.STRICT);, so I had to use date pattern uuuuMMdd instead of yyyyMMdd (i.e. "year" instead of "year-of-era")! – ZeroOne Mar 22 '16 at 10:44
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    @ZeroOne Thank you 'uuuu' is exactly the answer to this question if running in strict mode – Justin Ohms Sep 9 '16 at 17:58
  • @ZeroOne this is the correct answer with a strict resolver. Thank you so much! – laughing_man Apr 10 '17 at 3:12
  • @ZeroOne I think you should post it as a standalone answer. It is much better than any other answer, and would be easier to spot than comment to question. – charlie_pl Apr 28 '17 at 6:58
  • @charlie_pl OK, thanks for the idea, and here you go: stackoverflow.com/a/43675230/1333157 ! :) – ZeroOne Apr 28 '17 at 8:10

If you really need to transform a date to a LocalDateTime object, you could use the LocalDate.atStartOfDay(). This will give you a LocalDateTime object at the specified date, having the hour, minute and second fields set to 0:

final DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMdd");
LocalDateTime time = LocalDate.parse("20140218", formatter).atStartOfDay();
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    Correction: set to whatever time it would be at the start of that day. – Trejkaz Jan 4 '16 at 23:27
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    LocalDateTime.from seems unnecessary, as atStartOfDay() already returns LocalDateTime. – Dariusz Jan 11 '16 at 12:56
  • scala: val time = LocalDate.parse("20171220", DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMdd")).atStartOfDay.format(DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")) – Woody Sun Dec 20 '17 at 5:09

For what is worth if anyone should read again this topic(like me) the correct answer would be in DateTimeFormatter definition, e.g.:

private static DateTimeFormatter DATE_FORMAT =  
            new DateTimeFormatterBuilder().appendPattern("dd/MM/yyyy[ [HH][:mm][:ss][.SSS]]")
            .parseDefaulting(ChronoField.HOUR_OF_DAY, 0)
            .parseDefaulting(ChronoField.MINUTE_OF_HOUR, 0)
            .parseDefaulting(ChronoField.SECOND_OF_MINUTE, 0)

One should set the optional fields if they will appear. And the rest of code should be exactly the same.

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    This is true universal solution for instance for such method: Long getFileTimestamp(String file, Pattern pattern, DateTimeFormatter dtf, int group); Here you have different patterns and DateTimeFormetter, w/ and w/o time specified. – toootooo May 3 '17 at 14:58
  • Can it be a static field? I have not found in the Javadoc that an instance created that way is thread-safe – Kamil Roman Mar 16 '18 at 14:25
  • Remember to add the parseDefaulting AFTER you have called appendPattern. Otherwise it'll give DateTimeParseException. – wittyameta Nov 15 '18 at 9:04

This is a really unclear and unhelpful error message. After much trial and error I found that LocalDateTime will give the above error if you do not attempt to parse a time. By using LocalDate instead, it works without erroring.

This is poorly documented and the related exception is very unhelpful.


Expanding on retrography's answer..: I had this same problem even when using LocalDate and not LocalDateTime. The issue was that I had created my DateTimeFormatter using .withResolverStyle(ResolverStyle.STRICT);, so I had to use date pattern uuuuMMdd instead of yyyyMMdd (i.e. "year" instead of "year-of-era")!

DateTimeFormatter formatter = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder()
LocalDate dt = LocalDate.parse("20140218", formatter);

(This solution was originally a comment to retrography's answer, but I was encouraged to post it as a stand-alone answer because it apparently works really well for many people.)

  • Thanks @ZeroOne for your answer. Not sure why developers ofjava.time.DateTimeFormatterBuilder preferred to have "uuuu" instead of "yyyy" – Peru Jul 27 '18 at 23:55

For anyone who landed here with this error, like I did:

Unable to obtain LocalDateTime from TemporalAccessor: {HourOfAmPm=0, MinuteOfHour=0}

It came from a the following line:

LocalDateTime.parse(date, DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("M/d/yy h:mm"));

It turned out that it was because I was using a 12hr Hour pattern on a 0 hour, instead of a 24hr pattern.

Changing the hour to 24hr pattern by using a capital H fixes it:

LocalDateTime.parse(date, DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("M/d/yy H:mm"));
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    This answer saved my day – pedram bashiri Aug 9 '18 at 18:20
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    This was what solved my problem too. – CODI Aug 19 '18 at 12:41

If the date String does not include any value for hours, minutes and etc you cannot directly convert this to a LocalDateTime. You can only convert it to a LocalDate, because the string only represent the year,month and date components it would be the correct thing to do.

DateTimeFormatter dtf = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMdd");
LocalDate ld = LocalDate.parse("20180306", dtf); // 2018-03-06

Anyway you can convert this to LocalDateTime.

DateTimeFormatter dtf = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("yyyyMMdd");
LocalDate ld = LocalDate.parse("20180306", dtf);
LocalDateTime ldt = LocalDateTime.of(ld, LocalTime.of(0,0)); // 2018-03-06T00:00
  • Also make sure the format is correct. This fix didn't work for me until because I set the format to yyyy-mm-dd when it should have been yyyy-MM-dd. – patstuart Jun 13 at 15:38

Try this one:

DateTimeFormatter dateTimeFormatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("MM-dd-yyyy"); 
LocalDate fromLocalDate = LocalDate.parse(fromdstrong textate, dateTimeFormatter);

You can add any format you want. That works for me!


This works fine

public class DateDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm");
        String date = "16-08-2018 12:10";
        LocalDate localDate = LocalDate.parse(date, formatter);

        DateTimeFormatter formatter1 = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm");
        LocalDateTime parse = LocalDateTime.parse(date, formatter1);



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