I am trying to lint all my javascript files using jshint with an npm script command.

I am running on windows and no matter what wildcard I specify I can't seem to lint more than one file.

Referencing a specific file works:

"scripts": {
    "lint": "jshint app/main.js"

But all of the following results in errors:

"scripts": {
    // results in Can't open app/**/*.js'
    "lint1": "jshint app/**/*.js",

    // results in Can't open app/*.js'
    "lint2": "jshint app/*.js",

    // results in Can't open app/**.js'
    "lint3": "jshint app/**.js",

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Although you can't use the wildcards when running jshint as a script task in npm on windows, you can work around it. By default, if jshint is passed a directory, it will search that directory recursively. So in your case you could simply do:

"script": {
  "lint": "jshint app"

or even

"script": {
  "lint": "jshint ."

This will result in all files - including those in node_modules being linted - which is probably not what you want. The easiest way to get round that is to have a file called .jshintignore in the root of your project containing the folders and scripts you don't want linted:


This is then a cross-platform solution for jshint as a script task in npm.

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