I'm using Cocos2d-x 3.2 to load the empty scene created with CocoStudio 2.

Here is what I did:

  • First, I create new project with CocoStudio 2
  • CocoStudio created the default MainScene.csd file
  • I export the project to Xcode project via File > Publish > Publish to Xcode project
  • I open up the Xcode project and go to HelloWorldScene.cpp, include the cocostudio.h, import the res folder created by CocoStudio, then put the below code in HelloWorldScene::init() function:
auto mainScene = SceneReader::getInstance()->createNodeWithSceneFile("MainScene.csb");
  • Then I run, and the app crashed (see attached image)

strange crash

I have no idea why it crashed! Is there anybody got this problem?

And please let me know if is this the right way to load CSB scene from CocoStudio? If not, what is the right way?

I have read somewhere, they're using CSLoader but I cannot find this in version 3.2.


OK. I found the problem.

It's just because I'm using cocos2d-x v3.2 and CocoStudio 2

CocoStudio 2 only work with cocos2d-x v3.3, and if you want to use cocos2d-x v3.2, you should use CocoStudio 1.6 (on Windows) or CocoStudio 1.0 (on Mac)

For me, I upgraded to cocos2d-x v3.3rc0

Too bad, they give us the download link for cocos2d-x v3.2 and CocoStudio 2 on home page.

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