I have no problem uploading a blob to Azure via PHP like this:

 $blobRestProxy->createBlockBlob("saskcontainer", $blob_name, $content);

but I cannot get the URL of the newly created blob. The api is pretty straight forwad for getting the url

 echo $blob->getUrl()

When I list the contents of a container it can get the url of each file no problem like this:

$blob_list = $blobRestProxy->listBlobs("saskcontainer");
$blobs = $blob_list->getBlobs();

foreach($blobs as $blob)
    echo $blob->getUrl()."<br />";

Great, but I just want one url (of the one uploaded), but the code below doesn't work:

$blob = $blobRestProxy->getBlob("saskcontainer", $blob_name);
echo $blob->getUrl();

I get the error: Call to undefined method WindowsAzure\Blob\Models\GetBlobResult::getUrl()

I tried this as well :

$blob = $blobRestProxy->getUrl("saskcontainer", $blob_name);
echo $blob;

error: Call to undefined method WindowsAzure\Blob\BlobRestProxy::getUrl() libraries:

 require_once 'WindowsAzure\WindowsAzure.php';
 use WindowsAzure\Common\ServicesBuilder;
 use WindowsAzure\Common\ServiceException;


  • where is the library you are using? – Nick Maroulis Dec 14 '14 at 20:47
  • added library above – Cory Dec 14 '14 at 20:50

URL for a blob follows the following pattern:

[http|https]://[account-name].[endpoint-suffix(usually blob.core.windows.net]/[container-name]/[blob-name]

Using this pattern you can construct the URL of the blob without getting it programmatically.

I looked up Azure SDK for PHP and I could not find a simple way to programmatically fetch the blob URL (but then I may be wrong). A convoluted way to fetch the URL programmatically would be to call listBlobs method and pass the blob name as prefix in options parameter for this operation. You will get just one blob in the result and then you can do the following to get the blob URL:

    $listBlobsOptions = new ListBlobsOptions();
    $blob_list = $blobRestProxy->listBlobs($containerName, $listBlobsOptions);
    $blobs = $blob_list->getBlobs();

    foreach($blobs as $blob)
      echo $blob->getUrl()."<br />";
  • Thanks. Did this to get it programmatically: foreach($blobs as $blob) { if($blob->getName() === $blob_name) { $returnUrl = $blob->getUrl(); } } it works, but then realized the pattern is always the same, so I just hard coded is with the file name as a variable – Cory Dec 15 '14 at 4:23

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