I have this [nasty] regex to capture a VBA procedure signature with all the parts in a bucket:

    public static string ProcedureSyntax

Part of it is overkill and will match illegal array syntaxes (in the context of a procedure's signature), but that's not my concern right now.

The problem is that this part:


breaks when a function (or property getter) returns an array, because then the signature will look something like this:

Public Function GetSomeArray() As Variant()

Or like this:

Public Function GetSomeArray(ByVal foo As Integer) As Variant()

And that makes the function's return type completely borked, because the parameters capture group will pick up this:

ByVal foo As Integer) As Variant(

I know why it's happening - because my regex is assuming the last closing brace is the one delimiting the parameters capture group.

Is there a way to fix my regex to change that, without impacting performance too much?

The catch is that this is a valid signature:

Public Function DoSomething(foo As Integer, ParamArray bar()) As Variant()

I have another separate regex to handle individual parameters, and it would work great... if this one didn't get confused with array return types.

This is what I'm getting:

enter image description here

What I need, is a parameters group that doesn't include the ) As Variant( part, like it does when the return type isn't an array:

enter image description here


Here you go....



What are the changes made in your original regex?

I just changed this \((?<parameters>.*)?\) part in your original regex to \((?<parameters>(?:\(\)|[^()])*)?\) . That is, .* in your pattern will do a greedy match upto the last ) symbol, but this (?:\(\)|[^()])* matches () part or any character not of ( or ) zero or more times. so this matches the strings like foo or foo()bar ..

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