I have the following code that presents the user with a preview of the image they're trying to upload and works really well in FF:

var img = document.createElement('img');
img.src = $('#imageUploader').get(0).files[0].getAsDataURL();

The problem is, getAsDataURL() only works in FF. Is there something similar/a workaround for this kind of functionality in Chrome (specifically)?

  • pretty much. You will need to use gears, flash, or java. In IE6 you can just get the value of the file upload and use "file:///..." to display the preview, But I think they 86'd that in ie7. May 3 '10 at 11:25
  • i don't believe you. someone must know of a non-flash way.
    – Jason
    May 3 '10 at 23:16
  • Isn't the .get() method supposed to load data from the server with a GET request? (api.jquery.com/jQuery.get) Maybe you meant .eq()?
    – Felix
    May 4 '10 at 8:23
  • There is not such a way. The standard process is stalled, when it is confirmed, the Firefox team will update their API (which they are now discouraging the public to use, check developer.mozilla.org/en/DOM/File) to conform to it, and the Webkit one will implement it May 4 '10 at 9:33
  • 1
    you are stubborn and kinda grumpy. May 6 '10 at 11:34

If the browser doesn't support getAsDataURL you could make sure that the file input is instead using Gears' openFiles (scroll down) to read a file selected by the user. Google ain't working on Gears anymore, but it will work in Chrome, at least until getAsDataURL() gets implemented.

EDIT: Changed answer to be more helpful.


IE does not yet support the File API. Anyhow, you need to use a FileReader to read a file. Also, the file is not its file name (your variable naming is a little ambiguous).

file = fileObj.files[0];
var fr = new FileReader;
fr.onloadend = changeimg;
  • But, eh, the question isn't about IE, it's about Chrome. (The question is also really old - that code should work in the current version of Chrome).
    – Yi Jiang
    Nov 9 '11 at 15:46

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