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I'm currently working on a bit of code that requires me to keep records of the outcome. However, at the minute, the code I'm using only overwrites the document, rather than adding on. What can I write to add something to the end of a text document?

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open the file in append mode

open(filename, 'a')

Just use append mode:

with open('something.txt', 'a') as f:
    f.write('text to be appended')

Documentation can be found here.


Open your file with something like

f = open('myfile.log', 'a')

you can also check documentation for more alternatives


Everyone is correct about using append mode for opening files that you want to add to, not overwrite. Here are some links that helped me learn a bit more about opening and editing files in python.



I am not sure if it's written in your code, but it is always a good idea to .close() the file when you are done writing to it. If it's not a terribly huge file it doesn't hurt to make sure what you appended is actually in the file. So it would be something like:

with open('file.txt', 'a') as f: f.write("Some string\n")

with open('file.txt', "r") as f: for line in f: if "Some string" in line: f.close() return True return False

There are more concise ways to write this, but I wanted to try and make it as accessible to everyone as I could. Also note checking for the string I am assuming that exact string does not repeat.

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