Adding a flyout seemed like a pretty straightforward task, but I can't seem to even initialize one on my app (which is based on a PivotControl app template for Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight). When I attempt to do this:

         <Flyout x:Key="MyFlyout"></Flyout>

I immediately get a blue squiggly line below Flyout saying "The name Flyout doesn't exist in the namespace http://schemas.microsoft.com/clients/2007". What gives?


<Flyout> is only available in Windows Phone 8.1 runtime (Silverlight is a no-go). See the MSDN Reference FlyOut.

If you want something similar to a <Flyout> that would work for Silverlight, download and install the Windows Phone Toolkit -- NuGet or get it here : The Windows Phone Toolkit

Using the <toolkit:ContextMenuService.ContextMenu>

            <toolkit:MenuItem Header="menu_1" Click="Click_Event"/>
            <toolkit:MenuItem Header="menu_2" Command="{Binding CommandBinding}"/>    
  • Okay, but the latest update for it came out in Aug 2013. You think it'll work with 8.1? – Ali250 Dec 16 '14 at 16:04
  • @Ali250 yeah, just install it using NuGet. There is little difference between 8.1SL and 8.0SL. – Chubosaurus Software Dec 17 '14 at 0:50

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