Microsoft Excel December 2014 updates have left my combobox disabled. Is there any way to get them working?


You need to delete the file MSForms.exd from all the Temp subfolder in the user's profile (AppData\Local\Temp) to get the combobox working.

for excel delete this file :



del %temp%\vbe\*.exd

del %temp%\excel8.0\*.exd

del %appdata%\microsoft\forms\*.exd

del %appdata%\microsoft\local\*.exd

del %appdata%\Roaming\microsoft\forms\*.exd

del %temp%\word8.0\*.exd

del %temp%\PPT11.0\*.exd
  • Thanks Rupesh. That worked! But I am sure this is not a permanent solution. I hope Microsoft is working on fixing the bug from their last update. – Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Dec 17 '14 at 1:57

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